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Founded in 1984 by formal adoption of its constitution, the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association has since grown to have a playing membership of nearly 10,000  through leagues as  far west as Buncombe County to the Outer Banks. Playing  leagues dot the North Carolina Map representing teams and players from around the globe: Mexico,  England, Greece, Costa Rica, Denmark, Colombia, Morocco, Honduras, Egypt, Korea,  Brazil, Japan, Iceland and more.

NCASA is a non profit State Soccer Association recognized by FIFA and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) through the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA). NCASA consists of a league members who register players to play locally. To view our league members, click here.

In accordance with the NCASA Constitution, By-Laws and Policies, NCASA's decision making body is its Council, which consists of voting representatives from league members. The Council meeting is held twice a year, once at its Annual General Meeting and then at its Mid-Year Meeting. The Board of Directors meets monthly, however it defers its regular business to the Executive Committee of NCASA, which consist of the officers of the Board. The Executive Committee meets monthly during the Board of Directors meetings.

NCASA is committed to develop, promote, and administer the game of soccer among men and women players over nineteen (19) years of age within the state of North Carolina and to educate the players.

As players, you are represented by your league delegates to the NCASA as a member of the US Soccer Federation and FIFA.  These delegates comprise the Council of Associations, which serves as NCASA's Board of Directors. The Council elects an Executive Committee consisting of various officers.

Held annually, the general business of the association is conducted at its AGM. At this meeting the Council of Associations elect vacant Executive Committee positions, adopt rules, policies and amendments to the constitution, discuss program matters and receive training on league administration and player registration. It is extremely important for leagues to attend and represent themselves at the Annual General Meeting.  Your voice makes a difference. 

The NCASA Mid-Year Meeting is to provide opportunity for the General Council to meet review progress, address unfinished business from the AGM earlier in the year and adopt an organizational budget.