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League Affiliation

NCASA registers nearly 500 teams with the United States Adult  Soccer Association (USASA) annually.  We are members of the US Soccer Federation (US Soccer).

There are four affiliated councils and organizations under US Soccer:  Youth Council, Adult Council, Professional Council and Other Affiliate Members.

The Benefits of Affiliating with NCASA:
Centralized Communication
Online Registration
Player's Rights - Fair Play
Player’s Plan Plus (Voluntary Medical/Disability Policy)
$5,000 Player Accident Insurance (Secondary Policy)
$2,000,000 Field Liability Insurance 
Directors and Officers Coverage
Access to certified USSF referees
Referee Support
NC State Cup Tournament
Sanctioned NCASA Tournaments
USASA National Cup Program
USASA Soccer Fest Competition
USASA National Cup Competition
Eligible for Coaching Education, Certification, and Development
Annual NCASA Awards
Eligible to become officers of the State Association
Access to staffed State Office/Single point of Information
League Administration Support and Consultation
Annual Meeting and Workshops
Interactive Website & Facebook page
Travel Clearances
Special Offers to Members from NCASA Sponsors.

The following are the fees for registering with NCASA and USSF during the soccer year beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st.  

Annual League Affiliation Fee - $50.00

Annual Player Registration Fee - $30.00 for initial registration

Single Event (Tournament Only) Registration - $12.00

Overnight Shipping Cost - $20.00.  * No cost for regular post

League Affiliation and Renewal:

Leagues must re-affiliate each year.
For new leagues seeking affiliation, you need to submit the completed Annual League Affiliation and Renewal Application with a $50 check (effective August 1, 2009) payable to NCASA. League player registrations cannot be processed until the League Affiliation and Renewal Application is received at the NCASA Office. 

To affiliate and to re-affiliate, leagues must provide:
· League Application Form with League Officers /Contacts
· Updated League Rules and Bylaws/Constitution
· Complete Certificate of Insurance Request Forms

1) An affiliated league renews its affiliation annually.
2) Any Amateur soccer league within the state of North Carolina may apply for affiliation with North Carolina Adult Soccer Association.
3) An Adult soccer league must have no fewer than 4 teams in order to affiliate.
4) Team and player registration must come through an affiliated Adult league, and all players in such leagues must be registered with NCASA.
5) Application for affiliation must be made in writing by a duly authorized agent of the applicant.
6) Affiliation procedures, rules, and fees are set annually.
7) In addition to the affiliation application, the Amateur league requesting affiliation will be required to register all teams and players participating in league throughout the fiscal year.

1) A formal request either by this form or by letter
2) A list of officers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers (Part 2 of Form)
3) A list of all discipline and protest committee members (Part 3 of Form)
4) A current copy of the League’s Rules, Constitution and Bylaws (See Template Below)
5) List on the form all of your officers as designated by your By-Laws. Use an additional sheet of paper if necessary to include all officers and staff.
6) Indicate which officer will be your official voting delegate to NCASA
7) Be sure to list the officer who should receive all general correspondence from NCASA. If an individual is NOT LISTED, correspondence WILL BE SENT to the league president.
8) Provide at least one (1) email address for electronic communications with your league
9) Each league MUST HAVE A NAMED REGISTRAR THAT WILL NEED TO BE CERTIFIED BY NCASA– this person should have a DAY PHONE and an EMAIL listed for communications with NCASA.
10) Completed Certificate of Insurance Request Forms (In Word Format)
11) Include your $50.00 (effective August 1, 2009) league renewal fee. Checks made to: NCASA

Once your League Application and Constitution and Bylaws has been reviewed, we will then contact you to let you know that you have been accepted.At that point Team and Player Registration Forms will be mailed for completion of the registration process. 
If you have any questions or concerns, about how to become affiliated with NCASA please contact us.