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Adopted August 19, 1984
Revised June 20, 1999
Revised January 3, 2004
Revised February 10, 2005
Revised February 11, 2006
Revised January 6, 2007
Revised January 26, 2008
Revised January 27, 2013
Revised January 25, 2015
Revised June 27, 2015
Revised January 31, 2016
Revised June 11, 2016
Revised January 29, 2017
Revised April 18, 2022

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is recognized as the National Governing Body for soccer in the United States by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as provided in the Amateur Sports Act of 1978.

This body shall be known as the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association, Inc. (NCASA).

As set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, NCASA is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Code. More specifically, the purpose of NCASA shall be to develop, promote, and administer the game of soccer among men and women players over eighteen (18) years of age within the state of North Carolina (NC) and to educate the players and the public about the game of soccer.

NCASA shall continuously maintain within the State of NC a registered agent and an office as designated by the Board of Directors. The address of the registered agent and office may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors.

NCASA is affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) under the authority of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and will comply with all requirements of their rules, policies and Bylaws to the extent applicable to NCASA. NCASA shall not become a member of any organization that imposes any requirement that conflicts with the Articles of Incorporation of the USSF, its rules and policies or Bylaws.

NCASA membership is open to soccer organizations and soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators and officials without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin or other legally protected categories. Membership in NCASA and its member organizations shall be open to any individual who is an amateur athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or official active in the sport of soccer who is not subject to suspension under Section 4 of USSF Bylaw 241 or pursuant to the disciplinary or risk management action of any amateur soccer organization in its territory; and except for a National Association, the membership of NCASA and its member organizations shall be open to any amateur soccer organization in its territory. Adult amateur soccer organizations of a minimum of four teams may affiliate with NCASA.

Section 1
The sole authority of NCASA, except that which is herein otherwise delegated, shall be vested in the Council.

Section 2
The Council is comprised of a Board of Directors and representatives of each Affiliate whose authority shall be, but is not limited to, to approve changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, elect officers of the Board of Directors and approve the annual budget. The Council has the right to reject or to overrule the authority of the Board of Directors.

Section 3
The Council shall meet at least annually during such time that the Board of Directors deems it can attract the best attendance.

Section 4
In each Council meeting, each currently registered Affiliate in good standing shall have the following number of voting representatives based on player registration:

            0 - 50 registered players no vote
        51 - 300 registered players 1 representative (1 vote )
      301 - 550 registered players 2 representatives ( each with 1 vote ) 
      551 - 800 registered players 3 representatives ( each with 1 vote )
    801 - 1050 registered players 4 representatives ( each with 1 vote )
  1051 - 1850 registered players 5 representatives ( each with 1 vote )
  1851 - 3200 registered players 6 representatives ( each with 1 vote )
3201 or more registered players 7 representatives ( each with 1 vote )

Section 5
A quorum shall consist of ten (10) Council members, or a majority, whichever is less, to conduct any Council Business for which fourteen (14) days written notice was provided. A quorum to conduct any business not included in the written notice shall consist of a majority of the Council.

Section 6
At the sole discretion of an Affiliate that has more than one vote, one individual may cast all or part of the votes of the organization.

Section 7
No Board of Director member who is also a member of an Affiliate shall be allowed more than one vote at any meeting of NCASA. Any member with a dual role in the Council must choose which role will be used for voting purposes.

Section 1
NCASA shall have a Board of Directors selected through an open and democratic election process. The officers of the NCASA Board of Directors shall be elected in the manner prescribed in the Bylaws and shall hold office for two (2) years, or until their successors have been elected and installed.

Section 2
For the purpose of administering the affairs of NCASA between Council meetings, there shall be a Board of Directors composed of the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to eight (8) additional positions.

Section 3

The Board of Directors shall meet at least quarterly and more often as required to administer the affairs of NCASA.

Section 4 The Board of Directors shall have full authority to act for NCASA in all matters of administration and shall make a report of such actions and policies adopted to the Council at its annual general meeting (AGM).

Section 5
The Board of Director’s specific authority shall include:
A. Sole authority to determine qualifications for affiliation and to accept or reject any application submitted under the requirements of the Bylaws.
B. Delegate for any endeavor, its authority to such person or persons whom it may from time to time designate.
C. Review such papers, books, documents, and accounts of the Affiliates as it may from time to time require.
D. Suspend, expel, and/or impose penalties upon any Affiliate, team, and/or persons under its jurisdiction guilty of violation of breach of the rules of NCASA, USASA or the USSF.
E. Settle disputes between two or more Affiliates.
F. Investigate and correct or demand to be corrected conditions which are detrimental to the operation or reputation of NCASA.
G. Direct the audit, review, attestation or compilation of financial records and financial statements. Hire and assure the independence of the auditor, reviewer, attestor or compiler and to provide oversight of the process to assure the reliability of financial data, efficiency of internal controls and risk management processes.
H. The Board of Directors shall have power to incur pecuniary liabilities on behalf of NCASA.
I. The Board of Directors shall have the power to adopt and amend policies for NCASA by majority vote of the Board of Directors at a scheduled meeting.

Section 6
If a vacancy occurs in any office other than that of the President, the President with concurrence of the Board of Directors may appoint a temporary successor until the next meeting of the Council. The Council will then fill the position in the manner herein prescribed for the election of officers at the annual meeting.

Section 7
Any NCASA officer or appointed chair or committee member absent from two consecutive meetings including those of a committee or NCASA Board of Director’s meeting at which his or her presence would normally be required, may thereby forfeit the right to hold the office for the unexpired term.

Section 1
NCASA and its members shall be governed by its Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, Bylaws and policies, supplemented by rules of USASA and the USSF. In the event of conflict, the rules of the latter shall apply.

Section 2
NCASA shall have the authority to investigate and correct or demand to be corrected, unfavorable conditions which may develop in its Affiliates. Affiliates unresponsive to the NCASA’s demands for corrective action can be placed in “bad standing” by majority vote of the Board of Directors with specified sanctions and/or fines and loss of member benefits.

Section 3
NCASA shall have the authority to make and decide on all matters of controversy under appeal from Affiliates.

Section 4
Proceedings concerning any alleged abuse/assault on a referee shall be conducted by NCASA under applicable USSF rules.

Section 5
NCASA shall have the authority to do that which it deems expedient to enforce the purpose for which it was organized.

Section 6
NCASA shall have the authority to enter into agreements of business with legally incorporated entities, utilizing its full portfolio of resources and assets, for the purposes of marketing, promotion and/or such transactions that benefit NCASA.

Section 7
All Affiliates are required to use NCASA‘s approved electronic registration process. Any Affiliate not using NCASA’s approved electronic registration process must submit a request for variance to the Board of Directors detailing the proposed software and protocol for electronic transmission of data to NCASA and storage of registration data.

Section 8
NCASA and its members shall maintain and store records in accordance with NCASA policy which shall be in compliance with USASA and USSF requirements.

Section 9
NCASA shall have provisions for the resolution and determination of grievances, disputes and appeals provisions that comply with the processes specified in the Bylaws and Policies of USASA and US Soccer Federation. These provisions shall be in Bylaws, rules or other documents that clearly state the procedures under which adjudication of grievances, appeals and other disciplinary matters occur.

The fiscal year of NCASA shall be established by the Board of Directors. The seasonal playing year of NCASA shall be established by the Board of Directors. Fees and dues shall be set annually by the Board of Directors and presented to the Council for approval at the AGM. Special assessments may also be set by the Board of Directors and presented to the Council at the AGM. NCASA will comply with all State and Federal tax requirements governing 501(c)(3) organizations.

Section 1
Amendments to this Constitution shall be made at any meeting of the Council at which a quorum is present by a two-thirds vote.

Section 2
Proposed amendments to the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director at least thirty (30) days in advance of a Council meeting. The representatives to that meeting shall be provided a copy with the meeting notice at least fourteen (14) days in advance. Section 3 NCASA must submit to USASA any amendment to its Charter, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policies, Rules, or Regulations no later than ninety (90) days after the adoption of such amendment.

The following terms in these Constitution and Bylaws shall be defined as set forth below:
“Affiliate” shall refer to those amateur soccer organizations across NC that have exercised the option to become a member of NCASA.
“AGM” shall refer to the Annual General Meeting of the Council.
“Council” shall refer to the full governing body of NCASA comprised of the Board of Directors and delegates of the Affiliates.
The “Board of Directors” shall refer to the President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and other designated, elected Officers.
“ED” shall refer to the Executive Director of NCASA
“FIFA” shall refer to the Federation de Internationale Football Association.
“Members” shall refer to affiliated leagues and their registrants within NC.
“NCASA” shall refer to the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association
“NCSRA” shall refer to North Carolina Soccer Referees Association
“SRA” shall refer to the State Referee Administrator
“USASA” shall refer to the United States Adult Soccer Association, Inc.
“USSF” shall refer to the United States Soccer Federation.

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 136 Manley Ave.
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Phone: 336-856-0702
Email: [email protected]
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